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Jury 2016

Jury of IX International Folklore Festival GRAND PRIX INTERFOLK

Vera Sivova (St. Petersburg, Russia)


Honored Culture Worker of the Russian Federation, Professor, PhD, Head of the Russian folk song at the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture; Chairman of the City People's methodological association of folk choirs at the state budgetary cultural institution "Folk Arts and Leisure House " of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg. Winner of the St. Petersburg Government Award "For outstanding achievements in training performing artists for organizations of culture and art"; member of the RF Union of Culture Workers.

Vladimir Belyaev (Moscow, Russia)


Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Dean of the faculty of folk art at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, Professor of National Instruments of the Peoples of Russia, Chairman of the Jury of the All-Russian festival-competition "Custodians of the Heritage of Russia"; Winner of the D.D. Shostakovich Award of the Russian Composers Union (1986), Winner of the Andrei Petrov Contest (2008), member of the Union of Composers of Russia, composer.

Laimute Kisieliene (Vilnius, Lithuania)


horeographer, pedagogue; lecturer and professor at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (Vilnius); nominated Artistic Director of Dance Day of the Lithuanian Song Festival 2018; Stage director and co-other of the scenario of the IX Song Festival of Lithuanian Diaspora (Toronto, Canada, 2010), Artistic and Stage Director of Dance Day of the Lithuanian Millenium Song Festival (2009), Artistic director and author of the scenarios of Dance Day of the World Lithuanian Song Festivals (1994, 1998, 2003, 2007). Choreography prize (level 1) for scenario and choreography of Dance Day of the National Song Festival, awarded by Ministry of Culture of Lithuania (1995); Teacher of the Year (2001), Holder of Commemorative Badge on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the coronation of Mindaugas as King of Lithuania (2003), Medal of the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas (2005); the winner of the Award For Merits to the National Culture (2015).

Olga Gorbunova (St. Petersburg, Russia)


Choreographer, winner of the UNESCO Silver Badge For merit in choreographic art; Head of choreography at the House of Folk Arts of the Committee on Culture of the Leningrad Region. Winner of the All-Russian and international choreographers competitions; founder of the International Festival-Competition of Choreography "The Slavic Cup"; author of a manual for choreographers "The Alphabet of Natural Plastics".

Evgenia Redkova (St. Petersburg, Russia)


Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology of the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory, Head of Folk Music Department of the St. Petersburg Conservatory; the Candidate of Arts (Ph.D.); one of the directors of the Folklore Ensemble of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire, a visiting lecturer of traditional singing schools in Lithuania and Poland.

Nikolay Kravtsov (St. Petersburg, Russia)


The Russias Honored Worker of Arts, the Candidate of Arts, the professor, Chair of the Russian Folk Instrumental Department of St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture; Member of the International Academy of Informatization at the UN; holder of Russian performing art Fund grant (2005, 2006), the medal For services to native land the second level, the breastplate For culture service, laureate of The Motherland Gold Book.

Honorary Jury:

Alexander Prokhorenko (Russia)


Advisor to the Governor of St. Petersburg, PhD.

Honorary Jury and Special Prizes:

Orlan Zapolskaya (Russia)


Member of the Executive Committee of the St. Petersburg regional chapter of the United Russia Party, Advisor to the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg.

SPECIAL PRIZE "For Successful Activities Aimed at Moral And Patriotic Education of the Young People"


Ekaterina Tverdovskaya (Russia)


Deputy Chairman of the "Children" Charity Foundation, assistant to the deputy at the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg S.M. Kupchenko.

SPECIAL PRIZE "The Best Childrens Ensemble of the Competition"

SPECIAL PRIZE "For Colorful Presentation of Folklore by a Group of Children"

SPECIAL PRIZE "For Artistry"

Arman Ghukasian (Armenia)


President of the World Association for the Performing Arts WAPA World, President of the Caucasus Association of International Festivals CAIF, President of World Union of Choreographers WUC, Vice-President of the World Council of Culture and Arts; International Adjudicator; European and World Champion in folk dances. He was awarded the Gold Medal of the UNESCO dance community, the Order of the Maltese Cross, the Popes Gold Medal by the Ministry of Culture of Italy (2016).

SPECIAL PRIZE "For Outstanding Achievements in the Development of National Art"

SPECIAL PRIZE "For Contribution to the Preservation And Development of Folk Art"

Nadezhda Lineva (Russia)


President of the St. Petersburg Women and Economy Regional Public Organization, Chairman of the Okhta Center of aesthetic educations Board of Trustees, Member of the Board and Chairman of the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region regional branches of the "Business Women" Russian public organization, founder of the "Above Oneself" International youth competition for vision impaired musicians.

SPECIAL PRIZE "For the Creative Contribution to the Preservation and Popularization of National Culture"

SPECIAL PRIZE "For the Preservation of National Origins"

Elena Strom (Russia)


Main expert of Department International Relations of St. Petersburg State Official Government institution "St. Petersburg House of nationalities".

SPECIAL PRIZE "For the Vivid Expression of Ethnic Folklore"

Elena Fetisova (Russia)


Head of the department of information and visitor reception at the Russian Ethnographic Museum

SPECIAL PRIZE "For the Preservation of Folk Traditions"