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10th International Folklore Festival



November 10 14, 2017, Saint Petersburg

November 9 13, 2018, Saint Petersburg



   Dear participants, organizers and guests of the festival! Friends!

I am glad to greet you with the beginning of the IX International Folklore Festival "INTERFOLK in Russia". I congratulate you - the connoisseurs of multicultural heritage and national traditions.

During all these years, while opening the doors of the contest for various creative groups from Russia and other countries of the world, you proved more than once that culture, art and traditions has no limits.

"INTERFOLK in Russia" is one of the large folklore events, that give rights for appearance of all the supporters of preservation of the identity of nations through their dances, songs and customs. It is not important who you are and what is your nationality, but what message you bear in your soul and how you pass that ancestral memory to the new generations.

In today's global and complex world, the presentation of cultural diversity is a worthy example of how people from every corner of the earth can live in peace and understanding.

I wish all of you good health, future success and conquest of new creative horizons!

I wish you to keep the tradition with widely opened hearts and minds that all of this what you show today will be preserved for our children and grandchildren. It is important not to forget that "Behind us is the memory of our fathers, in front of us are the eyes of our children!"

Good luck! European Association of Folklore Festivals
EAFF Kaloyan Nikolov


   Dear friends!

The "INTERFOLK in Russia" Festival is a unique, one-of-a-kind celebration embracing the diversity of world folklore, showing the beauty and originality of different cultures of the peoples of our planet.

Symbolically, this festival of folk movement is taking place on the banks of the Neva River for the ninth time. Our city is home to about 200 ethnic groups and nationalities representing all religious denominations and living here in peace and friendship. It is very important that the festival makes it possible for young talents to shine, and supports talented children and youth. Moreover, it introduces the audience to universal spiritual values, to the principles of tolerance, pays homage to professional folk artists, who carefully preserve folk traditions and pass them on to the younger generation.

You have arrived in St. Petersburg with the cultural diplomatic mission, becoming goodwill ambassadors of your countries.

Many thanks to the organizers, musicians, performing artists and their mentors for setting up the conditions for creative communication and collaboration of musical groups from different regions of Russia and foreign countries.

I wish your festival a bon voyage, and everyone of you - all-round support, friendship, happiness, prosperity and success in the work!

Secretary of the St. Petersburg
Regional Chapter of
"United Russia" Party V.S.Makarov

Dear organizers, participants and guests of the Festival!


I am sincerely glad to welcome you at the 9th International Folklore Festival "INTERFOLK in Russia" - a colorful event in the cultural life of St. Petersburg.

The Festival is rightly considered to be an example of international cultural cooperation and occupies a special position among similar events in our city. It is folklore, folk art that is most closely connected with the traditions, customs and rituals preserved by our ancestors for the evolution of Russia, to be handed over to generations to come. It is great to see and realize that the interest in the history of the national culture and art still continues unabated in the modern world! Emotional and colorful performances of the Festival participants attract the audience from the city on the Neva with their unique atmosphere and the opportunity to explore the culture and history of Russia and the various peoples of the world.

I wish all the participants and organizers of the Festival success, further development and prosperity!

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for interethnic relations
and migration policies of St. Petersburg

Dear friends!


I am glad to welcome the participants and guests of the IX International Folklore Festival "INTERFOLK in Russia!"

This celebration of world folklore in St. Petersburg is attended by representatives of different parts of the planet.

The Festival is a vivid manifestation of identities, lifestyles and traditions of the peoples of the world, imbibed from the birth of each person. We see how the creative teams represent their country, specifics and the wealth of their homeland culture at a high level.

In spite of difference in languages, a special look on the history of the peoples, geographical features, such events promote mutual understanding and peace. The festival provides an opportunity to show the beauty and uniqueness of different cultures, to learn what instruments are played in a particular country, to admire beautiful national costumes.

Our fund tries to make sure that everyone could live and develop, so that children were healthy and happy. I am convinced that the "INTERFOLK in Russia" festival brings joy, harmony and beauty into our lives.

I wish all participants of the festival a peaceful sky, smiles, high spirits, good friends and new creative successes!

Yours faithfully, Alexey Zhitomirsky
Chairman of the "Children" Charity Fund

Dear participants and guests of the 9th International Festival "INTERFOLK in Russia"!


St. Petersburg is the largest cultural center of Russia, and institutions of culture and art, creative teams of our illustrious city enjoy a well-deserved reputation both in this country and abroad. Extremely rich and diverse cultural space of our city is a unique holistic environment. It is folk music and dance that carry a centuries-old wisdom of the peoples reflecting the spirit and unique identity of each one of them. Your festival opens a new page in the cultural life of the Northern capital. This is a singular project aimed at preservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage of local and foreign authors and artists, attracting the interest of young people towards folk art. The Festival offers an opportunity to rise above the everyday routine, to experience a little bit more joy and inspiration. I am sure that this remarkable event will help expand cultural cooperation between foreign countries and Russian regions. I sincerely wish inspiration and creative discoveries to all the participants, and bright impressions from spending time with sheer beauty to the guests of this holiday of musical art!

I wish you every success, Director St. Petersburg House of Nationalities

E.A. Kuznetsova

Dear friends!


I cordially greet the participants and guests of the IX International folklore festival and competition "INTERFOLK in Russia!"

This festival project is a significant contribution to the international humanitarian cooperation, to preservation and promotion of ethnic and cultural heritage of the peoples, to mutual enrichment of cultures and development of intercultural dialogue.

Performance groups and artists from different countries of the world and Russian regions who came to the festival carefully preserve and represent their rich culture and original traditions, they are the true bearers of folk culture. I am sure that the festival will open up a lot of new and interesting in the multifaceted cultural heritage of nations, allowing the participants to fully demonstrate their national culture, the art of dance and song, folk costumes.

I wish creative triumphs, inexhaustible inspiration, bright impressions and joyful meetings to all participants and guests of the festival!

Director of the State Budgetary Cultural Institution of the Leningrad Region
"The House of Folk Art" Andrey G. Ryzhov

Dear friends and colleagues!


I wholeheartedly greet the organizers, participants and guests of honor of the IX International Festival "INTERFOLK in Russia" held in St. Petersburg for quite a few years.

I am sincerely glad that the Russian Ethnographic Museum keeping a unique collection of cultural artifacts of the peoples of Russia and neighboring countries, is traditionally one of the partners of the festival, which is certainly not accidental.

The "INTERFOLK in Russia" festival carries a combination of different ethnic cultures, it shows their diversity, thus revealing the identity of each people. Traditional music, folk art and dance closely linked with customs and traditions, history and culture of the peoples are the most prominent part of their intangible heritage and a true national treasure. It is gratifying to know that the interest in ethnic traditions and folklore remains unabated in the modern world!

I wish all participants of the festival further success, development of their talents and skills, and, of course, recognition of the appreciative audience!

Director of the Russian Ethnographic Museum
V.. Grusman


   Dear organizers, participants and guests of the festival!

I am sincerely glad to welcome you at the IX International Folklore Festival "INTERFOLK in Russia!" The festival is rightly considered to be a shining example of international cultural cooperation and holds a leading position among similar events in our city.

This season St. Petersburg again hospitably opens its doors to creative teams from Russia and the world at large. Due to high creative potential of the festival participants, we again have an opportunity to enjoy the cultural heritage of the peoples of the world, and to recall agelong Russian traditions, which occupy their rightful place at the event. I am glad that the cadets of the Nakhimov Naval College are taking part in this wonderful festival for the fifth time, and I am sure that this experience will shape a proper frame of mind in the younger generation.

Fostering patriotism, love for ones country, respect and tolerance are priorities in training at the Nakhimov school. I express my deep gratitude to the organizers of the festival "INTERFOLK in Russia" for the opportunity for the cadets of the Nakhimov Naval College to take part in it and share the stage with the recognized masters of folk art from all over Russia.

Yours faithfully,
Superintendent of the Nakhimov Naval College,
Rear Admiral Alexei B. Surov